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Hi there. I’m Nicole Gilbert and you’ve joined the stop scrolling and start sewing podcast. Are you new to sewing and want to start quilting, but have no idea where to begin each Wednesday? Join me as I share the ins and outs of that quote life. If you don’t have a sewing machine, have no idea how much fabric you need, or you’re just trying to figure out where the heck to stick that bobbin. This is the podcast for you. 

Hey guys, Nicole. Here. Welcome to episode 21 of the stop scrolling and start sewing podcast. On today’s episode, I’m sharing what’s coming down the pipeline for me and the modern quilter circle. I am so excited to share what I’ve been up to with you guys. I mentioned this a little on the previous episode, I did episode 20, um, about long-arm quilting. If you haven’t had a listen, check out the modern culture, but today I’m going to be giving you guys all the details. So I know I, you know, touched upon it a little bit last week’s episode, but this week we’re going in. Okay. So first let me talk a bit about the modern quilters Academy. The students that started in June are finishing up and I am so proud of them. We have had so much fun with our weekly live coaching calls and I get such a kick out of seeing their projects. 

So what we’re doing for the, the modern cultures Academy alumni, which this is also news to them. So I’m very excited. This episode is like, Ooh, Oh, that’s fun. That’s fun. There’s a lot of new stuff happening. So what I’ve decided to do with the alumni is to do a so along and it will be a quilt this time. It will be a queen size quilt. So in the modern quilters Academy, we go over all of the steps of the quilt making process. And at the end, you finish with a finished quilt. And the quilt that we worked on together was like a lap throw, kind of a thing more, um, kind of just to be like draped over the back of a chair, something like that, something that was really manageable. But now that they’ve got in all those skills under their belts, it’s time to go a little bit bigger. 

So we are going to do a solo long that is going to utilize the skills that they learned in the Academy while also kind of stretching their boundaries a little bit and maybe stretching their limits and we’re going for a queen size and it is going to be so cool. I’m so excited to add this element to the modern quilters Academy, because I really feel like my whole mission in this is to not only teach other women how to quilt. I know there’s a lot of you out there who just want to learn, and they just want like one set person to be like, Hey, this is how I do it. This is what works. And I think this is your easiest method. And I love that, but I also wanted to create a community and a way to continue that community is to continue working together. 

So a membership in the modern quilters Academy kind of ends up being a for life. Like, yes, you have access to all the lessons and tools for life, but our community is forever as well. So that’s pretty exciting for me, cause it’s just going to continue on. And the more classes that go through the modern quilters Academy, the more alumni there are, the bigger the community grows. It’s like, it’s exciting and it’s win, win, win, and you will always get to participate in the new projects that get started with our alumni. So it’s pretty cool. All right. So if you’re interested, the next class of the modern quilters Academy starts enrolling on September 8th and I am so excited to welcome new members. So Mark that date in your calendars September 8th. Okay. So if you’re interested in enrolling, you can also head over to the modern quilter Academy, all one word to get on the wait list this way. You’ll be the first one to know when the doors open, I will send you guys an email and you’ll get kind of all the details about enrolling at that point. 

And so while I am so very excited about the next class of the Academy, I think I might be even more excited at least right in this moment about the free five day quilting one Oh one experience that I have put together. So back in June, I did a free webinar where I went through a fast track to quilting roadmap and I had so much fun doing it, but I felt like there was still so much information that I wanted to give out and I just couldn’t do it in like a 60 minute class. Um, so I decided to put something together that was just like a little bigger, cause that’s what I do. Like go bigger, go home, my friends. So that is how the quilting one Oh one experience was born. So starting on August 31st for five days, I will be sending out an email every morning, discussing a portion of the quilting process. 

And then later that afternoon, I’m going to be doing a live video call in the thing one Oh one experience, private Facebook group, taking a deep dive into the topic. Now we will go over what goes into each step from fabric preparation and cutting piecing together a quilt top quilting, the quilt sandwich to binding and finishing your quilts and those that choose to join me. The quilting one-on-one experience. We’ll get to watch me deep dive in the material every afternoon and also get a chance to submit questions to be answered live. So, um, I think that’s pretty awesome. I know that there are so many different, um, ways of consuming information. And I think there’s something to be said about going through things as a community. Um, I have, um, my students, so I noticed this a lot with my students from the modern quilters Academy. 

I have a handful of students who are really invested in the Facebook community. And so they’re asking questions in the weekly calls. They’re posting their own wins, they’re posting pictures and they’re communicating with each other. They’re answering each other’s questions, they’re encouraging one another. And it’s, it’s really cool to see. I have another set of students that don’t participate in the community and I get it like a community online forum and community stuff isn’t for everyone. So I definitely don’t think that it’s a negative to not participate. Um, but those students have gone through the Academy and they will email me their questions and we’ll have a dialogue in that manner. Um, but I will say, I do think that the students that are doing the community are getting just a little bit more out of it. And so all of that to say, I was putting this together and I was like, well, I could just email them every day. 

And then they’ll have these five emails that they can like save, put in a folder or something and kind of refer back to when they’re like, okay, wait. So what happens next? They can, you can do that. And then I was like, Oh gosh, but this, my students are getting so much out of the community. So what will happen is you’ll get this email. And then in each email they’ll will be a question or a prompt or something that I want you to do or think about, um, in reference to whatever stage of the quilting process we’re talking about that day. And I want you guys to participate and you’ll really get not only right, a sense of where you’re at in the quilting process, what you need to learn. Cause sometimes I think that we just don’t know what we don’t know. And that’s why it’s so important to choose somebody to learn from, because I know that when I learned to quilt, I I’m taught and I Googled all the things and I YouTube all the things. But the thing is if I didn’t know that a certain step existed, I obviously didn’t Google it cause I didn’t know it existed. So I just skipped that step. Not because I was choosing to skip it because I didn’t even know it existed. And when we learn together and we learn from someone else, we don’t miss the good stuff. And I think that that is so important. 


And I almost forgot like the best part, those that participate daily will be entered into a drawing for a super special prize that will be revealed on Friday, September 4th. Um, but I will give you a little hint. Um, it is worth a couple hundred dollars, so it’s a really good price. Um, and so I definitely want you guys to join if you want to join. Um, and I really, really hope that you do 

So. Oh, 

And I know I mentioned how I did the, that masterclass, the fast track masterclass, for those of you who would rather participate in the fast action to quilting masterclass, like 60 minutes, tell me what it needs, what I need to do in, in the quilting process, but I can go on my Merry way. I’m going to be doing some of those. And I’ve penciled in a couple of them for the second and third week of September. So again, if you want to know when that’s coming up, you can email me You can head over to the, uh, the modern quilter Academy and sign up there for the waitlist because those people that on the wait list will get invited to all of the different events that I’m put on. So be sure to make sure I’ve got your email because I will let you know when those are coming. 

So I know in this episode I spoke about several different ways that you guys can learn with me. Um, and for all the information, please head over to the show notes for all of the details, but just a quick recap, the modern quilters Academy is coming back. The doors are opening. Yay. And they are opening for enrollment on September 8th. If you are interested in enrolling and don’t want to miss when those doors open, because they will be open only for a limited time head over to the modern quilter Academy and get on the wait list. So please, please, please do that. Okay. And then we are also doing, which is, I think the big shebang on this, the quilting one, one experience, which is a free five day quilting, quilt learning experience challenge. However you want to talk about it, but every day for five days, starting on August 31st, I will be showing up in your inboxes with tips and tricks regarding each of the steps of the quilting process. 

And then that afternoon, I will be doing a live video call with all of you in our free Facebook, private community, the quilting one-on-one experience. Um, and so we will do a deep dive. We’ll do question and answer. I mean, we’ll be able to kind of have a good dialogue going on the different days topics. So please, please, please. I highly encourage you to join us. I think it’ll be so much fun, especially with how much feedback I’ve been getting over the last few weeks of people. I’m just really enjoying the podcast, enjoying the different topics that we talk about learning new things. If you would like to continue learning with me. I think that that is a wonderful way to do it. Now, if you want to sign up for that, you can go to Or you can just go to the show notes for this episode at the modern culture circle that com slash episode dash 21. 

And I will have the links for everything that I have mentioned in this episode, at that website. So, so much, but I’m so excited because all I can think about is how in September I get to hang out with you guys every day and we are going to do so much learning and so much exploring together. And I cannot wait to see you there. So congratulations, you have made it through another episode of the stop scrolling and start sewing podcast to catch up on today’s episode and all past episodes. Please visit the modern quilter Thank you so much for hanging out with me and make sure you never miss an episode by hitting subscribe wherever you’ve listened to podcasts. Now stop scrolling and start sewing.

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