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32. 5 Great Stocking Stuffers You Can Sew In an Afternoon

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Hi there I am Nicole Gilbert and you’ve joined the stop scrolling start sewing podcast. Are you new to sewing and want to start quilting, but have no idea where to begin each Wednesday? Join me as I share the ins and outs of that put like, if you don’t have a sewing machine, have no idea how much fabric you need, or you’re just trying to figure out where the heck to stick that bobbin. This is the podcast for you. Hey folks. Welcome to episode 13,

The two of the stop scrolling start sewing podcast. On today’s episode, we are going to be chatting about some really quick selling projects that you can get done for your Christmas gift giving season. That will be excellent stocking stuffers, but first, a quick reminder, if you want to be featured on an upcoming episode, head over to wherever you listen to podcasts and leave me a review five stars for good karma. I read every single one and they mean the world to me. They also allow me to reach more listeners every week. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Okay, guys, let’s get sewing. So you might remember, um, a few weeks back episode, 26 of the podcast, I broke down a holiday makers calendar and how to break down when you are going to work on all your projects and how to decide kind of the hierarchy of your projects and really get everything nailed down.

Um, and you may remember that I also discussed maybe downsizing your list or kind of getting a little realistic with what you’re making and this plays into that. So these are by no means gifts. Um, so today I’m going to break down a list of five awesome things that you can make relatively quickly that are always crowd pleasers. Um, but these are definitely not going to be like swap outs for a larger project. Um, I wouldn’t give these in place of like a handmade quilt that you had intended to do, um, by no means is it, are they of the same caliber, but they are crowd pleasers. So these are definitely things that I would suggest as stocking stuffers as hostess gifts, as the actual little gift you keep wrapped in the car, just in case you go to your kid’s T-ball game and somebody gives you a present and you weren’t anticipating it.

You know what I mean? Those kinds of little things. So I am going to list out five different ones that I think you will really get a kick out of. And also what’s great is that a lot of them use such small amounts fabric that you can make them out of scraps and they could be great ad-ons to another gift. Um, and I will have all of these gifts listed over on the podcast, all the tutorials for them, um, at the modern quilter two. And also if you’re interested in that maker’s calendar that I broke down, how to plan out your holiday gift giving. Um, you can find slash episode dash 26, okay. Let’s dive in. So the first tutorial that I want to go over, um, these are, and I want to say these are definitely like last minute things. You do not have to like plan these super far in advance or anything. They really should just take you, you know, a couple hours to make multiple of

These. So

These are basically little, little gifts, so let’s start. So the first one is a tissue holder. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s the cutest thing ever. So they’re actually like cases for those little packages of tissues that you put in your purse. And the way that it’s made is you would remove the stack of tissues from that little plastic wrapper that you know, the little Kleenex wrapper, and you would just slide it in here. And so you can remove them so that it looks like a little box of tissues, but they’re super cute. They’ll fit in your purse. It’s adorable, such a crowd pleaser. And honestly, I just think that they’re just amazing. So these are great. They don’t take long to make by any means, but this tutorial is super polished. So they look exceptional. That’s what I love about this list of gifts. I found like a lot of really cute little trashy kind of things that are excellent, little gifts, stocking, stuffers, however, every single one of these tutorials they’re beautifully made.

So that’s the first one tissue holders. Okay.

The next one is a zipper card pouch. Now the zipper card pouch is awesome. So it’s like, it’s, it’s a little, upper-level not out of difficulty, but out of finish, this is not, I think when you see it, you’re going to be like, Oh, that’s way cuter than I thought fully lined, beautiful zipper, um, gorgeous top stitching. This tutorial is perfect. It’s also super easy to do with a big payout. It’s beautiful. Um, and this is another one again for a handbag. So you got to see like a theme here, the kind of people that you’d be giving this to people that would get a kick out of it. Great for stockings. Um, but it’s, it’s really cute. Um, and this is, it’s a card. It’s basically like a credit card case, but honestly, I’ve actually made this one, especially this was great for, um, the diaper bag of yours. So I could put my ID, my debit card, um, and some, some cash. And it was like everything I needed. So I would carry this huge diaper bag around, but when I needed to go into a store and it was just me and I didn’t want to carry the huge diaper bag, I could just slide this into my pocket. Perfect. Such a crowded place. Awesome.

Next this one up is a little bit crunchy granola EA, but as a snacky mama, AKA the goldfish to phase, um, and like all the little fruits and stuff, this one’s great. So it is a reusable snack bag. Now I will say I have many people who I have made this for, that have been like, Oh my gosh, can you make me a whole set? Because that’s amazing, but it is a eco-friendly reusable snack bag. And, um, it kind of, it uses old plastic bags as the lining so that it actually is like wipeable. Um, and the tutorial will show you how to fuse the plastic bags with an iron so that you can stitch them as a lining. It’s it’s actually pretty cool. And it’s one of those things where it’s like, it’s a super simple project, but it’s teaching you like an upper level skill that you can totally use on other projects.

So I kind of want you to look at it, even if you don’t intend on making these, just because it’s like, Oh, I didn’t know I could do that. So it’s actually pretty cool. Um, my, I have a few friends, like I said, who asked for like multiples of these things, because it does make their lives a little bit easier so that they’re not constantly buying those little Ziploc bags. Um, but it’s, this one definitely has like a demographic, the type of people who would like this, this isn’t for everyone, but the people who do like it love it. So keep that in mind.

Okay. And then next up it’s a classic. I actually like this one as a hostess gift. So if you are going to someone’s home for the holidays, this is great. And I know it’s going to sound cheesy, but when you pick the right fabric, it’s amazing. So it is a set of an oven, Mitt and potholders. And what I like to do with this one is you make the element, you make the potholders and then get, um, like a wooden spatula, a wooden spoon, um, maybe one of those cute rubber head specialists with like, you know, a recipe on the back or something cutesy or whatever, and then tie it all together inside the oven Mitt with a pretty bow. Oh my gosh, it’s adorable. Everybody likes it. It’s useful. So it’s not like you’re giving them, like, tchotchkies, that’s one of those things I don’t like, like candles and all that.

I know it’s great. But at the end of the day, how many candles do I really need? This is like a useful hostess gift. And I know it’s like a really oven mitts and hot pad, but the right fabrics, super cute. I’m telling you, I’m telling you, don’t knock it till you try it. Cause this one is super cute and I’m kind of obsessed not going to lie. Okay. And now this one is last, but certainly not least. Um, and I’ve actually made this one for my mom several times cause she keeps losing hers, but she loves it. It is a eyeglass case, like a, just a super simple sleeve. Excellent. For those of you out there with people who were readers, um, cause it’s, you know, it’s protective enough to keep them safe, but not protective enough for, you know, thousand dollar pair of eyeglasses.

So great for your, you know, 20, 30, $40 pair of readers. Absolutely. Um, and I’ve made many of these and they’re super cute. And of course, like with everything else on this list, your fabric choice is everything. And I think that this one is probably my, my mother’s favorite. Um, but it’s, it’s a super cute, simple sleeve. So I’m just going to run through those again really quickly. We’ve got the tissue holder, a zipper credit card case reusable, snack bags, go friendly, snack bags. Those are pretty cool. I know, I don’t know why that those ones are sticking in my head, but they are, um, and mitts and pot holders. And like I said, we should make that into like, you can totally cutesy it up with some little kitchens, bachelors and spoons and a pretty ribbon. Um, and then the 15 minute eyeglass case.

So there you have it. If you are in a pinch and you need something really quick to whip up, or you want something to put in somebody’s style, [inaudible] go ahead, head on over to the modern colder two. And you can get the tutorials for all of these projects. Ah, there you have it guys. Today was a quick one, but I really just wanted to get this out there because just like the projects in here, I want you to get this done. I know, I know. I know. Can you already believe it? When this episode goes live, Thanksgiving will be this week. Holy cow. Two days till Thanksgiving or no, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. When this episode goes live, that’s so exciting, but I want you to get a quick win, get some checked off

Your list stuff. Your mom’s stocking have a blast. So there you have it. Guys. You have just finished another episode of the stop scrolling start sewing podcast, listen to today’s episode and all past episodes. Head over to the modern quilter Make sure you never miss an episode by hitting subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Now stop scrolling and start sewing. [inaudible].

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