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Are you ready to banish confusion and frustration and learn to make gorgeous quilts without all the Googling?!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You're sitting cutting a million pieces of fabric, but none of them seem straight. Or you've sewn together a super complicated block and none of the seams line up. Or lay flat. Or you spend tons of time on YouTube but it just doesn't seem clear!

There are so many methods for every aspect of quilting that it can be difficult to figure out which to follow for the best results.

Many of the go to websites for quilting advice are outdated or difficult to navigate.  And even worse, so many assumptions on skill are made that you’re not sure if the tutorials are for you in the first place!

Fabric shop lessons only teach a portion of the puzzle and you’d be hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars deep before you got to the point where you might be able to translate those skills to your own project.

What if you could...

…learn to quilt from the comfort of your own home?  No need to rearrange your schedule and drive cross town.

Wouldn’t it be nice to follow one linear framework from one instructor, taking you from choosing the right fabric all the way to snuggling on the couch with your newest quilt? 


the modern quilters academy

Learn all the fundamental skills you need to know in order to make gorgeous, high quality quilts in the comfort of your own home.

Here's what you'll get

Over $800 worth of bonuses

Color Theory Masterclass

Join me and your fellow classmates in a live masterclass where I dive into color theory, how it relates to fabric choices and much more. We will discuss different color schemes, how to pick your colored fabrics in relation to one another as well as print saturation

Alumni Sew Along and Support

The continued support that you received as a Modern Quilting Academy student is phenomenal. In our private alumni group we will participate in 4 (or more) Sew Alongs each year. I will provide patterns that reinforce the skills that you've learned in the Academy while adding one or two new skills in the mix. You'll be amazed by your continued development!​

community + q&a

Every week I'll be live in our private Facebook community answering ALL of your questions, no matter where you're at in the course for 8 weeks. Plus, I love a good #QuiltSquad so I'll be in the group right alongside you, sharing my current projects and helping you along the way, beyond the first 8 weeks!

Sewing Machine 101

This is especially useful to those of you who are brand new to machine sewing. You'll get a mini course that walks you through the anatomy of a sewing machine, how to thread your machine, and how to machine wind your bobbin.

The fomo is real!

The doors to The Modern Quilters Academy only open a few times a year, don’t miss it!

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Hey, I'm Nicole!

I’ve spent the last 10 years hunting and pecking for every bit of quilt training I could get my hands on.  From fabric shop classes to every YouTube video I could find, I’ve soaked up as much as I possibly could.  And I want to share that with you!

When I’m not combining my love of quilting and education, you can find me chasing after my 3 young boys with my hunky husband.

Enroll in THe modern quilters academy

I want to see you get the results you deserve, so I’ve added a special payment plan option.  Start today for as little as $55!

The Modern Quilters Academy

Digital Learning Experience
$ 55 3 Monthly Payments
  • Lifetime Access to MQA
  • MQA Facebook Community
  • Sewing Machine 101
  • Alumni Sew Along

MQA Platinum

Paid in Full Experience
$ 147 Paid in Full
  • Lifetime Access to MQA
  • 2 Private Quilting Lessons With Me
  • MQA Facebook Community
  • Sewing Machine 101
  • Alumni Sew Along

Frequently Asked Questions

I truly believe you can quilt on any sewing machine.  Especially when you’re just starting out.  I do suggest using a walking foot, which is a type of presser foot that allows multiple layers of fabric to feed through your machine at once.  That will make quilting on an entry level machine much easier.

It was several years before I has a designated quilting room, so believe me, I get it.  What I would do was push the dining room table out of the way and use the floor.  Or you can even use a wall!  Any large flat surface will do!

As a momma to 3 under 5, time to myself is difficult to come by, but I make it work.  I mostly quilt during nap time or after the boys go down for the night.  But some afternoons, while they play in the yard, I play at my sewing machine.  Carving out time for yourself is so important and quilting is the best self care I can think of.

I’ve created a 30 day money back guarantee.  I believe in the Modern Quilters Framework and I know that it works, since I use all of these fundamentals in every quilt that I make.  If at any time during the first 30 days of your enrollment you believe that the framework doesn’t work, submit to me your failed attempts at quilting and I will refund you.

You don’t need a ton of supplies to get started.  If you only purchase the must haves, you can get started for as little as $100.  Like with any hobby, supplies can be addicting, so it’s really up to you just how much you choose to invest.

I’m an old school Tupperware girl.  I have an upcycled armoire that I purchased off Craigslist and made super pretty that I store all my fabric and every day supplies.  Before I had a designated cabinet, I just stacked the bins in my guest room closet.

I walk you through the quilt making process by actually making a quilt.  So this can take as long, or as short, as you like.  To physically consume all of the videos and PDF tutorials, will only take a few hours, but if you are implementing alongside the lessons, it could take you a couple of weeks.  This is self paced, so no need to rush!

I want to make sure you don’t feel like you’re flying solo through the learning process. So I will be in the MQA Facebook community every week answering ALL your questions.  I’ll also be in the community, posting about my projects, commenting on your posts, and providing assistance.  I’m available and at your disposal.  If you’d like even more access to me, I suggest enrolling as a platinum student so can you can take advantage of 2 private lessons with me.

I have wanted to learn how to quilt for many years. I scoured the internet and library for “how to” books, videos etc. I tried to sign up for classes at Joann’s, only to be disappointed because they never seemed to fit my schedule. Then one day when scrolling through FaceBook I came across a post for The Modern Quilter’s Academy. After a quick review of the information I thought I’d take a chance. The price was very reasonable and it was set up in a way that allowed me to work at my own pace as my schedule allowed. Nicole is a fantastic teacher! Her lesson plans are thoughtfully laid out in a way that is orderly and simplistic and her weekly live Q&A’s were very helpful! Even though our class has completed their first quilts she always makes herself available for additional questions. Her new podcast, Stop scrolling and Start sewing is also a gem! I would strongly recommend taking Nicole’s Modern Quilter’s Academy class..five stars all the way!
– Jennifer S. 

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